Vengador Encuerador: Mexican Sex Offender or Vigilante?

Readers, tonight I begin with a question. If your city was suddenly besieged by a deadly crime wave what would you do? What would you do if gangs, murderers and rapists took control of your neighbourhood, threatened your family’s safety, menaced your home and where hell bent on destroying everything you hold dear?

Would you cry, run, hide? Or would you stand and FIGHT! In the movies,  superheroes fight our battles, but baby girl, we don’t live in a world with superheroes… Until now.

Tonight, we tell the tale of the crime infested Mexican municipality of Puerto Vallarta and one mysterious vigilante who has decided to fight back. Before reading any further, please be warned that dishing out justice requires taking things to the extremes and because of that, this article contains shocking descriptions of violence.

The City and what it once was

Let me take you on a trip to Puerto Vallarta. A once wonderful place that amazed and inspired millions everyday. It sported a beautiful blue sky that framed a spectacular moon as well as a Sun of an incredible orange. A tempered and generous sea that relaxed, but also imposed, and sunsets that deserved adoration and had the ability to take ones breath away.

This now all lays in RUINS. What was once a tropical paradise is now slightly less of a paradise. Or as one girl wrote:

“It was Feb. 21. My younger sister, Ghazal, was playing with her friend out on the street, just in front of my aunt’s shop. I was in our house alone. My mother was having coffee at our neighbor’s house and my brothers were out playing with their friends. When the bombing happened, I passed out because a door fell on me. A man pulled me out, and when I woke up, everything had changed. My home was destroyed. I went running to look for my mother, and I found her and my two brothers. My mother started screaming and went looking for my sister. I was told to stay behind. A second bombing killed my mother, along with my sister, who was only in first grade. At 12am, we found my third brother alive.”

Now it’s important to note that that was actually a description of Aleppo during the Syrian Civil War by a refugee girl but you get the idea.

In 2016, Puerto Vallarta saw a 200 percent increase in robberies and extortions. And just this year, people have reported 1,637 cases of robbery. My god.. The people of Puerto Vallarta leave in fear and mild annoyance by this stark rise in crime. So they called out for a hero and that’s exactly what they got.

Lately, police have been finding naked men tied to poles all around town. All of the victims, 10 confirmed in total, have been found completely naked, tied to telephone poles, have the word “Rata” meaning rat shaved into their foreheads as well as heavily swollen butt cheeks from being beaten with a paddle. Moreover, all the men found this way are suspected robbers. All victims claimed to have been attacked, stripped and beaten by a masked man while they attempted to rob someone. Likewise, the men showed signs of blows to the face and the harrier ones even had the letter R for “rat” shaved into their necks.

This mysterious caped crusader has been given the name El Vengador Encuerador by the locals. Loosely meaning “The Stripping Avenger”.

All victims opted to not press charges because the vigilante allegedly threatened them with further consequences.

No details exist on the vigilante’s identity, but the people of Puerto Vallarta have expressed their praise as well as their concerns surrounding the unorthodox justice brought to alleged burglars. Some fear the situation may get out of hand if other violent groups start to retaliate or imitate the vigilante’s style of justice.

What This Has Done to The City

When our Senior producer Rick Warren travelled to Puerto Vallarta to try and find the Stripping Avenger for an interview, he was shocked by what he found as soon as he got off the plane. After passing through customs, Rick had to head through the airport’s infamous “Shark Tank.” The Cannibal box is a pair of square rooms full of timeshare diabolical sales representatives, and if you have any doubt regarding whether you’re in the box or not you’ll know immediately when the reps begin angrily approaching you as if they were… well… ravenous cannibals.

Rick figured the best thing he could do here is to talk to no one and continue walking. A polite series of “no gracias” kept most of the salesman at bay, but several where unfazed and determined to claim their prey.

The sales reps began using unspeakable tactics, up to and including full-blown lies, to get Rick into a nearly inescapable conversation with them. Rick was then asked for his hotel reservation documents by “an official representative” of his hotel. he was offered free transportation from the airport to his place of lodging. And then he was offered the “best deal available” on Puerto Vallarta timeshares.

Rick soon bought a mid-city timeshare for roughly $50,000.

Rick, an avid zipline enthusiast, naturally assumed that the Stripping Avenger likely has a similar taste for a good adrenaline rush and decided to look at one of the cities many ziplines.

As far as the safety of ziplining in Puerto Vallarta goes, Rick wasn’t too worried. Officially-licensed tour operators comply with very high safety standards, and we've never heard of any deaths involved in Puerto Vallarta’s booming zipline in industry.

Rick left Puerto Vallarta after a week without a successful interview request for Vengador Encuerador.

So Who is Vengador Encuerador?

Before we address Vengador Encuerador suspected identity, it’s time to address to elephant in the room. There have been no signs of rape with any of the victims.

Some suspect that Vengador Encuerador, the vigilante known for brutally beating suspected criminals, stripping them butnaked and tying them to polls is none other than Puerto Vallarta’s mayor, Arturo Dávalos Peña.

Pena is a larger man, with powerful muscles, a strong jaw, distinct clavicles and he has always taken a hard stance against crime.

On top of this Mayor Pena has never been afraid to make noise when needed. As one of his neighbors, Gerardo Sandoval Ortiz, described “Mayor Pena and one of his freinds meet frequently in the middle of the hall outside of my home. They shout at eachother for hours with no regard for me : Mayor Pena is the worst municipal president in the history of Vallarta. His precedor Ramón Guerrero Martínez is the best mayor who has governed the municipality, and I proclaim him as "the savior of Vallarta" and desperately” am touting for his return.

We have no other leads as to who Vengador Encuerador may be… Until we met up with local boy, Santiago Martinez who informed us that the mayor of Puerto Vallarta is in fact Vengador Encuerador. We have no reason to doubt his honesty.

Benjamin Potesky