AMERICA UNDER ATTACK - The Microwave Assault on Freedom

Ray guns, death rays, laser beams, blaster cannons. They go by many names. This brand of seemingly fictional type of weaponry is commonly used by Aliens in our favorite sci-fi films. Unless you’re a nerd, you probably assume these space weapons are  relegated to the world of fiction and don’t actually cause chaos in the real world.

You could not have been more wrong. DEAD wrong.

Tonight readers we examine an actual ray gun attack that happened in 2016 to AMERICAN diplomats in Cuba. Tonight’s episode aims to solve the mysteries of; what types of weapons were used in these attacks, who used them and most importantly, why. But first, we tell you the story of the attacks themselves. Strap in.

The Death Ray Attacks!

Starting in late 2016, baffling and severe cases of illness struck more than three dozen American diplomats and family members in Cuba and China. The illnesses baffled doctors and seemed to strike without warning.

The illnesses where marked by an abrupt onset: the victim would suddenly begin hearing strange screeching noises that they perceived as coming from a specific direction. Some of them experienced it as a pressure or a vibration; or as a sensation comparable to driving a car with one window partly rolled down. The duration of these attacks ranged from 20 seconds to 30 minutes, and always happened while the diplomats were either at home or in hotel rooms. Other people nearby, family members and guests in neighboring rooms, did not report hearing anything.

Some U.S. embassy individuals have reportedly experienced lasting health effects, including one unidentified U.S. diplomat who is said to now need a hearing aid. The State Department declared that the health problems were either the result of an attack, or due to exposure to an as-yet-unknown device, and declared that they were not blaming the Cuban government, but would not say who was to blame. Affected individuals described symptoms such as hearing loss, memory loss, and nausea.Speculation centered around a sonic weapon, with some researchers pointing to infrasound as a possible cause.

Without almost any explanation, the United States withdrew most of its diplomats from Cuba, sighting vague security concerns.

Soon after in China…

The first incident reported by an American diplomat in China was in April 2018 at Consulate General of the United States, Guangzhou, the largest US consulate in China. The employee reported that he had been experiencing symptoms since late 2017. Several individuals were taken to the United States for medical examination.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo soon stated that the attacks were consistent with those reported in Cuba.The State Department assembled a task force to investigate the reports and expanded their health warning to all of mainland China amid reports some U.S. diplomats outside of Guangzhou had experienced the same symptoms resembling a brain injury. The warning tells anyone who experiences "any unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena accompanied by unusual sounds or piercing noises, do not attempt to locate their source."

Just as in Cuba, US diplomats in China where soon evacuated with little explanation as to why from the US State Department.

Who is Behind These Attacks and what was used?

Members of JASON, a secretive group established in the 1960’s that is made up of elite scientists weighed in. JASON helps the federal government assess new threats to national security, and it says it has been scrutinizing the diplomatic attack mystery this summer and weighing possible explanations, including microwaves guns.

When asked about the microwave theory of the case, the State Department said the investigation had yet to identify the cause or source of the attacks. And the F.B.I. declined to comment on the status of the investigation or any theories.

The microwave weapon theory opens scores of unanswered questions. Who fired the beams? The Russian government? The Cuban government? A rogue Cuban faction sympathetic to Moscow? And, if so, where did the attackers get the unconventional arms?

Allan H. Frey, an American scientist who is known for “The Frey Effect” discovered that microwaves can cause people to hear bizzare an painful sounds. He deduced that these diplomatic attacks seemed very much like the work of microwave death ray weapons.

Mr. Frey, the scientist who uncovered the neural phenomenon, said federal investigators have questioned him on the diplomatic riddle and that microwave radiation is considered a possible cause.

Mr. Frey, now 83, has traveled widely and long served as a contractor and a consultant to a number of federal agencies. He speculated that Cubans aligned with Russia, the nation’s longtime ally, might have launched microwave strikes in attempts to undermine developing ties between Cuba and the United States.

“It’s a possibility,” he told the NY Times. “In dictatorships, you often have factions that think nothing of going against the general policy if it suits their needs. I think that’s a perfectly viable explanation.”

This New And Terrifying Class of Weapons

Microwaves are ubiquitous in modern life. The short radio waves used in everyday microwaves power radar stations, cook foods, relay messages and link cellphones to antenna towers. They’re a form of electromagnetic radiation on the same spectrum as light and X-rays, only at the opposite end.

While radio broadcasting can employ waves a mile or more in length, microwaves range in size from roughly a foot to a tiny fraction of an inch. They’re seen as harmless in such everyday uses as microwaving foods. But their small size also enables laser focusing, allowing these rays to be turned into beams which can cause extensive damage to a living creature.

Unfortunately, the scientists say the dimensions of the human head,

make it a fairly good antenna for picking up microwave signals.

Mr. Frey, a trained biologist, said he stumbled on the acoustic effect of microwaves hitting your head in 1960 while working for General Electric’s Advanced Electronics Center at Cornell University. A man who measured radar signals at a nearby G.E. facility came up to him at a meeting and confided that he could hear the beam’s pulses — a zip, zip, zip noise.

Mr. Frey’s resulting research reported that even deaf people could hear the false sounds. This actually founded a new field of study on radiation’s neural impacts. Mr. Frey’s first paper, in 1961, reported that power densities 160 times lower than “the standard maximum safe level for continuous exposure” could induce the sonic delusions.

Who Done It

The country with the most extensive history of developing and testing microwave weaponry are our old friends to the east; The Russians.

Just one year before the attacks on US diplomats in 2015, Reports surfaced that microwave directed-energy weapons were reportedly being tested at firing ranges in Russia. The prototypes where said to be designed to destroy missiles, and may be incorporated in the arsenal of sixth-generation fighter jets.

According to the Russian state media outlet Sputnik News, the gun has been developed for the use of the Russian military and can be fitted onto existing missile systems.

Speaking to Sputnik News, a Russian military spokesperson said: “The new system is equipped with a high-power relativistic generator and reflector antenna, management and control system, and a transmission system which is fixed on the chassis of surface-to-air missile systems. “

Russia has plenty of cause to want to disrupt the growing relations between the US and Cuba.

Cuba, since the 1950’s has traditionally been a close military ally of the Russians and has provided them with the ability to threaten the US mainland because of Cuba’s proximity to the States.

Since July of 2015, one year before the attacks and the same year Russians developed powerful microwave weaponry, Cuba and the US reopened diplomatic relations after 50 years of no relations at all.

Russian and the US currently finds itself at odds over;

  1. The war in Syria

  2. The alleged interferience in the US election in 2016

  3. Democracy in general

  4. Human rights

  5. Iran

  6. The war in Ukraine

  7. Oh, and our two nations currently hve thousands of thermo-nuclear weapons aimed directly at each other.

  1. Basically, the Russians have the weapons to have pulled off this attack, the motive to do it and they’ve consistently proven themselves incredibly huge dicks.

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