Superintendent accused of defecating on field to get $100K to resign


A school superintendent who resigned after he was accused of repeatedly defecating on another high school's track is receiving more than $100,000 from his district.

A separation agreement between Kenilworth Public Schools and Thomas Tramaglini shows the district will pay his full salary until he officially resigns at the end of September. He'll also get two months of severance pay and more than $20,000 for unused vacation days.

The district also won't contest Tramaglini's unemployment application under the agreement.

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Police say staff members who had been monitoring surveillance video to see who was leaving human feces at Holmdel High School spotted Tramaglini in April.

He's been charged with public defecation, lewdness and littering. No motive has been disclosed.

A court appearance in Holmdel Monday became heated as Tramaglini’s attorney, prosecutors and the judge all raised their voices at times over the video. Tramaglini’s lawyer argued that the high school's resource officer and Holmdel Police Patrolman Jonathan Martin improperly handled the evidence.

Tramaglini's attorney says his resignation should not "be construed as an acknowledgement of guilt."

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.

Benjamin Potesky