Ep 45 - The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi paradox refers to a question asked by world famous physicist Enrico Fermi. The question Enrico Fermi asked was… “Where are all the Aliens?” This question was so shocking to those that heard it, that it is said to have left one man unable to speak for a year, another to sob uncontrollably. Join us, won't you?

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 43 - The Pee Tape

Peeing. Everyone does it. But what happens when peeing becomes a source of sexual excitement? Getting peed on or peeing someone for fun is commonly called a golden shower and if you happen to be engaging in one in Russia, it’s important to make sure you’re not being video taped or you might find yourself the subject black mail. That’s the position US President Donald Trump may have recently found himself in after having some innocent fun in Moscow. Join us as we uncover the mystery behind the presidential pee tape.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 42 - The Curse of Lil' B

Tonight ladies and gentlemen dive into the life and times of a man who not only claims to have harnessed the power of witchcraft, but has verifiably used this magic to destroy his enemies and gain riches beyond his wildest dreams. We speak of course of the rapper Lil B and how he has harnessed the shocking power of a what is only known as the BASED GOD to change the future of basketball, annihilate the careers of untold sums of people and possibly even alter the course of history.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 40 - Killing Lincoln (and Getting Away With It)

We've been told that John Wilkes Booth murdered President Abraham Lincoln at Fords' Theater. But did he? Could he have gotten away with it? New research done in conjunction with the private investigators has brought forth a new theory: Maybe he didn't?

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 39 - The Microwave Attack on America: Could You Be Next?
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Ray guns, death rays, laser beams, blaster cannons. They go by many names. You wouldn't be alone to assume these space weapons are relegated to the world of fiction and don’t actually cause chaos in the real world. Tonight, listeners, we speak of an actual ray gun attack that happened in 2016 to American diplomats in Cuba. Tonight’s episode aims to solve the mysteries of; what types of weapons were used in these attacks, who used them and most importantly, why.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 38 - Naked Justice: The Mysterious Mexican Vigilante

If your city was suddenly besieged by crime wave what would you do? What would you do if gangs, murderers and rapists took control of your neighborhood, threatened your family’s safety, menaced your home and where hell bent on destroying everything you hold dear.Would you cry, run, hide? Or would you stand and FIGHT! Tonight, we tell the crime infested Mexican municipality of Puerto Vallarta and one mysterious vigilante who has decided to fight back.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 37 - Lost in Space: The Misadventures of Russian Cosmonauts

Space. The final frontier. If you’ve seen it in movies or by looking up at the sky during the nighttime, you’ve probably noticed how big it is. How does anyone find their way around up there? The Russians wondered that themselves in the late 1950s. Are there humans out there now, living among the stars? Lost in space? Find out the answers to that amazing question and more on this week's episode, won't you?

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 36 - Jack the Ripper

The industrial revolution is in fuel steam and while wealth and luxury had grow exponentially for the ruling class, the bulk of London was basically an overcrowded slum, with poverty and crime running rampant. Tonight, we will discuss the notorious murderer known as Jack the Ripper. You’ve heard the name BUT do you know the story? We’ll see if we can finally solve what the FBI, MI6, Hollywood and numerous authors have failed to solve.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 35 - The Murdered Man on the Shores of Australia

What you are about to embark upon is a journey into the heart of Australia, a land in which everything wants to kill you. Which is exactly what happened to one poor fellow. A gentleman who just so happened to find himself, dead, deceased and rotting on a beach. But this murdered chap is quite unlike any other corpse you have ever heard of. The murdered gentlemen we are going to tell you of tonight sparked Australia’s largest murder investigation, involves espionage, poison and most intriguing, the man we are going to tell you of has never been identified. Join us, won't you?

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 34 - Dark, Mysterious & Deadly: Voodoo

In 1970's rural Alabama, lived a charismatic preacher and voodoo enthusiast named Reverend Willie Maxwell. Despite his charms - or maybe because of them - death seemed to follow him like a shadow. Involved in 3 murder cases as a key suspect and eventually acquitted on all charges. Coincidence or voodoo? Find out, won't you?

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Ep. 33 - Colonel Tomb: A Vietnamese Mystery

In the heat of the Vietnam war, whispers of an enemy ace as fierce and deadly as any plane in the skies began to circulate in the U.S. Air Force. Colonel Tomb, they called him, as you would certainly meet your grave should you greet him in the air. But who was he? WHAT was he? Was he even real? Well lets find out. I definitely think so, won't you?

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 32 - Avocados, Mexican Drug Cartels and You
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Tonight we examine a story involving kidnapping, extortion, murder, fast cars, sex with supermodels, billions of dollars changing hands and America’s neighbor to the south, Mexico. If you think we’re about to talk about the cocaine trade, well, you’re a racist. Tonight listeners, we talk about the lucrative Mexican avocado trade and how the some of the nations most brutal drug cartels may have taken control of this almost $2 billion dollar industry.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 31 - Murder, Cover-up, and Nuclear Power: The Death of Karen Silkwood

Nuclear technology. It has the power to destroy entire civilizations and light our cities. When most of us think about nuclear technology we imagine the end of all life on earth in a fiery blaze of destruction. But is it safe to work with on a daily basis? Karen Silkwood didn’t think so. Tonight on Drunk Mysteries we take a deep dive into the mystery that the nuclear industry doesn’t want you to hear. Tonight we investigate the life, times and death of Karen Silkwood and attempt to finally solve what could have been a nuclear murder.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 30 - The Swedish Crown Jewels Have Been Stolen!

Very recently, on July 31st 2018, 17th century Swedish Crown jewels were taken from a cathedral near Lake Malar. Possibly inspired by the movies of Ocean's Eleven and the Italian Job, these thieves made there getaway by jet ski (probably). But where are they now and what are they plotting next?! Join us, won't you?

Benjamin Potesky
EP. 29 - Bela Kiss: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Serial Killer

Neighbors. For the most part, we all have them and in all likeliness, they seem  to be normal, friendly people. But take a second and ponder, ‘how well do I really know my neighbors? What are their names? What do do they do for work? What are they into sexually?’ These are questions that we no longer ask ourselves as America’s sense of community evaporates.
Tonight, our mystery is about a man who could have been anyone’s neighbor and he went and murdered 24 people and pickled them in alcohol. Join us, won't  you?

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 28 - The Creepy, Unsettling, No Good Denver Airport

Even before The Denver International Airport opened in 1995, even when it was a mere blueprint, it was the subject of countless conspiracy theories, suspicions, intrigue and terror. To this day, this notoriously bizarre airport is shrouded in secrecy, riddled with weird statues and creepy art, and is swamped in myth. Join us tonight as we discover the truth, won't you?

Benjamin Potesky
EP. 27 - Jolly Jane Toppan: The Killer Nurse with Special Guests: Tawnie Lynn and Field Agent Kassi

Nurses. Most people think of them as the epitome of kindness, compassion and selflessness. For most people it is hard to imagine that anyone who enters the nursing field could have anything but the noblest of intentions. For almost all nurses, this is true. But tonight on Drunk Mysteries, we examine “Jolly” Jane Toppan - the world’s most infamous female serial killer and a nurse who abandoned nursing’s noble intentions for nefarious deeds.

Benjamin Potesky
Ep. 26 - The Texarkana Moonlight Murders

Just after the 2nd world war, in 1946, between the wide open landscape where Texas meets Arkansas - known endearingly to the locals as Texarkana - a spree of grizzly murders took place. This killing spree would wash a creeping sense of dread across the rural expanse. To put simply, the actions of one evil and nefarious person drove the lightly populated county into a state of panic. Neighbors no longer trusted each other, children weren’t allowed to explore freely, and for a few weeks they suspected everyone around them to be capable of murder. The killer would never be caught or apprehended. Join us, won't you?


Benjamin Potesky