Drunk Mysteries has received universal acclaim and praise for its nobel efforts in the field of mystery solving. The Grand Inquisitor of Belgium has called Drunk Mysteries "Simply delightful, a true homage to the great detectives of Europe such as Merold Archambeau and others." For its unparalleled accomplishments, Drunk Mysteries has been honoured in the following ways. 

The Golden Bust of Magnus the Proud

Award 1.jpg
One of Scandinavia's most prestigious awards, This 7 foot tall bust of former king Magnus Chrem, is given out once every ten years to an individual or organisation that is said to have "Enhanced the quality of life for most, or all Scandinavians." 


Presidential Awards in Mathematics and Science


This prestigious award was given to us by the Presidential Science Panel for our ground breaking research that produced the world's first ever vaccine for Scumsuckers. Scumsuckers are a deadly worm that live in most ponds in Zimbabwe. If touched, these worms will borrow into a persons skin and then begin to merge with the person nervous system, causing them to transform into a large, slug like being over the corse of a year. These slug beings feed solely on fungus, are blind, def, unable to speak and have no arms or legs. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for this ailment and prevention through vaccination is the only way for the people of Zimbabwe to prevent this infestation. 

The Great Feast of Xinging


After agreeing to marry the daughter of Mayor Sukako Bonbu, his village in rural south-eastern China decided to pool their resources and throw us the greatest feast in the villages history. Over 14 cows, 21 pigs and 500 chickens where slaughtered for this delightful feast.

Metal Bar.jpg

Bar of Rhodium

This extremely rare, valuable and silvery-colored metal is commonly used for its reflective properties. It has a high melting point and an amazing ability to with stand corrosion. This bar was given to us by the Russian business mogal and friend of the pod, Olgar Fotznikov.