Welcome to the Mystery Revolution

Drunk Mysteries is a weekly podcast hosted by Senior Mystery Analysts Ben Potesky and John Naffziger. Each week, we give you the stories behind history's most controversial mysteries in an attempt to solve these riddles. Not only will this podcast teach you about the world's greatest mysteries but it will also provide you with revelations so shocking that after listening, you may go completely insane. If you have a mystery tip, suspect report or idea for the show head over to our contact page  to get in touch. 

Meet the hosts

Ben Potesky hails from the great state of New Jersey and has dedicated the past year of his life to UNWAVERING SUCCESS in the solving of mysteries. A jiu-jitsu enthusiast, avid bbq'er and world traveler, Ben has many passions but his "main squeeze" is, and has always been (for the past year) the solving of histories most startling mysteries. 


John was raised in the corn fields of Indiana. The son of two college professors, he had always assumed his future lay in either education or corn farming. But after hitting puberty in the early 2000's, John found himself raging with a lust for adventure. After solving one too many mysteries and having seen too damn much, his childlike enthusiasm has been replaced with a grizzled shell.